Wholesale Forklift Covers, Enclosures and Shades

Eevelle is the premier source for Wholesale Forklift Covers, Enclosures and Shades. We offer a wide selection of products to fit nearly every size and style of lift. We manufacture only the highest quality covers and enclosures to ensure that operators and their equipment are properly protected in a comfortable work environment. Our knowledgeable service staff is always ready to answer questions if you need help selecting the perfect product for your customers.

Forklift Covers Manufacturer

We Are Forklift Cover Experts

We know covers with over 25 years of cover sales and manufacturing experience. Our success is built upon selling great cover products that are supported by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Please call us if you’re interested in becoming a forklift cover dealer or have any questions regarding our products or wholesale program. We are always happy to help!

Made in USA Quality Forklift Covers

All of our forklift covers and enclosures are manufactured in the USA to demanding high quality specifications. All materials used are tested to withstand weather extremes protecting equipment and operators from rain, snow, UV, dirt and grime.

Competitive Wholesale Cover Program

Eevelle Wholesale Programs allow resellers the opportunity to easily expand product offerings and generate revenue. Most product lines do not have minimum inventory requirements. Eevelle’s drop ship program allows dealers to have products shipped directly to their customers without extra handling charges. Eevelle also has significant marketing collateral for dealers to use, enabling them to sell products in a highly professional manner. er.