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Our Traveler Brand RV covers are quite simply the best value cover on the market. These covers are designed to offer protection for your motor home, trailer or camper at an economical price point. This cover has many of the features you would expect to see on higher priced models and is a great choice for an entry level cover.


Class A RV Cover

Available Sizes: 16′ to 48′

Class A RVs are constructed on a commercial bus chassis, commercial truck chassis or a specially designed motor vehicle chassis. Class A motorhomes are similar to a bus in design with a flat, vertical front end and large windows.

Fifth Wheel RV Cover

Available Sizes: 20′ to 46′

5th Wheel Trailers are designed to be towed by a truck equipped with a specialty hitch called a “fifth wheel coupling.” The trailer body extends partially over the truck bed making for a compact, snug fitting RV. Many larger 5th Wheel Trailers that are usually 40 feet or longer are usually pulled by small semi-trucks.

Travel Trailer RV Cover

Available Sizes: 10′ to 46′

A Travel Trailer has rigid sides and is designed to be towed by larger vehicles with a frame hitch or bumper. Travel Trailers are also known in British English as “caravans.” Travel Trailers come in a wide variety of sizes that offer affordable home-style amenities.

Class C RV Cover

Available Sizes: 18′ to 46′

Class C RVs are built on a truck chassis with an attached cab, which is usually van-based. These motorhomes are often based on the popular Ford E450 cab, chassis and engine, but Chevy and Dodge are also popular styles. Class C RVs can be identified by a distinctive cab-over profile that contains a bed or spacious area called an “entertainment” section.

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