The Trick Shot Kiwi Turning Heads in The Golf World

It was Tiger Woods’ iconic 1999 trick shot commercial for Nike that started it all. You know, the one where he bounces the golf ball on his club and then moves the club through his legs and continues bouncing it to the grand finale where he bounces it in the air and takes a big swing.

Twelve-year-old Tania Tare was watching that commercial from her home in Auckland, New Zealand and she was quite impressed. So impressed, that as a 12-years-old she learned how to do the entire trick on her own. Tania had never picked up a golf club or hit a golf ball in her life. By 14-years-old, Tania began playing golf the traditional way.

Tania says she got lucky with her Insta-fame as a trick shot golfer. One day she simply changed her Instagram account from private to public, and people began to take notice. Golf pages began sharing her shots. Maybe it was a little luck, but mostly talent.

Today, her trick shots are all over the media. LPGA Women’s Network calls her a “golf trick shot artist sensation with LPGA tour goals”. She starred in an episode with Tosh.0 where she showed off her tricks. Golf Digest named Tania as one of their favorite golf trick shots of 2018.

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Tania grew up in Auckland, New Zealand with a family of ten siblings who taught her the value of sharing that she still uses today. “I really love being a New Zealand citizen and having a big family. They have been the solid foundation that has helped me grow into a better person. They keep me in check,” said Tania.

She realized quickly that her trick shots could help propel her dream of becoming a professional golfer, which is Tania’s number one goal. “I have big goals for the golf world that includes becoming a professional golfer. I also have an exciting project in the works, which I will unveil soon.”

Who is Tania’s favorite golfer? “Initially I would’ve said Tiger Woods since he got me interested in the game of golf.

There are so many trick shots that have brought Tania into the pubic eye, but there is one, in particular, that is her favorite because she didn’t think it was possible and the satisfaction of pulling it off was intense. It’s her Flip Cup 2.0 and it is worth the watch.

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Currently, Tania is sponsored by Adidas, Audemars Piguet, Oncore Golf, Ping Golf and she works with other companies as well.

“There is so much I love about the game of golf. Golf is multi-dimensional, so there are so many reasons to love it. I love being outdoors playing on the course because it provides a mental release.”

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