S2 Expedition RV Covers


The S2 Expedition is the next generation of RV covers that combines technical enhancements with cutting edge design to create long-lasting durability. The S2 is loaded with design features like front tension pulls to give your RV a custom-like cover.


Class A RV Cover

Available Sizes: 16′ to 48′

Class A RVs are constructed on a commercial bus chassis, commercial truck chassis or a specially designed motor vehicle chassis. Class A motorhomes are similar to a bus in design with a flat, vertical front end and large windows.

Fifth Wheel RV Cover

Available Sizes: 20′ to 46′

5th Wheel Trailers are designed to be towed by a truck equipped with a specialty hitch called a “fifth wheel coupling.” The trailer body extends partially over the truck bed making for a compact, snug fitting RV. Many larger 5th Wheel Trailers that are usually 40 feet or longer are usually pulled by small semi-trucks.

Class B RV Cover

Available Sizes: 18′ to 34′

Class B RVs are built using a standard van with the addition of a raised roof or often times the rear of the vehicle has been replaced by a low-profile body known as a “coach-built.” Class B motorhomes are built on many different styles of chassis’ depending on the manufacturer and design.

Travel Trailer RV Cover

Available Sizes: 10′ to 46′

A Travel Trailer has rigid sides and is designed to be towed by larger vehicles with a frame hitch or bumper. Travel Trailers are also known in British English as “caravans.” Travel Trailers come in a wide variety of sizes that offer affordable home-style amenities.

Class C RV Cover

Available Sizes: 18′ to 46′

Class C RVs are built on a truck chassis with an attached cab, which is usually van-based. These motorhomes are often based on the popular Ford E450 cab, chassis and engine, but Chevy and Dodge are also popular styles. Class C RVs can be identified by a distinctive cab-over profile that contains a bed or spacious area called an “entertainment” section.

Toy Hauler RV Cover

Available Sizes: 10′ to 46′

Toy Haulers are Travel Trailers, Class A motorhomes or 5th Wheel Trailers that are designed to be partial living areas and partial garages for storing recreational vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles.

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