Oh Captain, My Captain!

Captain Clowers with two fresh catches

With one boat and dreams about becoming San Diego’s biggest and best charter fishing business, Captain Alan Clowers quit his job of 38 years as a concrete foreman to live his best life.

While Montauk, New York is dubbed the “Fishing Capital of the World” because of the massive school of migrating fish from the Long Island Sound up to Maine, Captain Clowers begs to differ. Clowers says that the best fishing destination in the world is his hometown of San Diego, California.

It is common knowledge that the weather in San Diego is pretty much perfect year-round, which makes for a lot of opportunities to fish. But what is lesser known is that off the coast of San Diego nine miles west of Point Loma is a deep trench that attracts many offshore species that we love to eat: marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo, mako, yellowtail sharks, spotted bay bass, halibut, and more. Along Coronado Islands are 13 miles of fish ready for the catch.

Captain Clowers is a lifelong avid angler who began the sport in the San Diego Bay with his dad and brothers at only five years old. He knows a thing or two about fish and where to find them up and down the coast of San Diego. This is why 10 years ago Captain Clowers took a risk and opened up his own charter fishing business. He did not have much money, but he made up for it with a strong passion for fishing and a belief in himself.

Clowers’ 36-Foot Luxury Riviera Tournament Edition

Today, business is booming and Captain Clowers has expanded his one boat show to include four boats: a luxury 36-foot Riviera Tournament Edition, two 25-foot saltwater boats, and a 20-foot Ranger Bass boat. Captain Clowers is regarded as one of the best Captains out on the water in San Diego. His charter company takes aspiring anglers on half and full day coastal fishing trips, bay fishing trips (perfect for young anglers), freshwater fishing, and lobster fishing excursions.

Captain Clowers doing his favorite fishing with kids in the bay. They caught a leopard angel shark.

“My favorite excursion is taking families and kids on bay fish charters. The San Diego Bay is a fishing wonderland for children, teeming with a wide variety of fish that are easy to catch,” said Captain Clowers. “I have taught many kids how to fish over the years that had never caught a fish until they went out with me.”

Captain Clowers is pretty popular with the young crowd, but his biggest fans are his family, which includes his wife and stepdaughter, as well as two grown children and four grandchildren who all grew up here in San Diego.

Boy with his bluefin.

Captains Clowers has achieved more than 10 first place finishes and eight Big Fish awards in fishing competitions. He was named Angler of the Year by the Southland Bass Club. As an expert angler, Captain Clowers was chosen to be a regular guest commentator on Let’s Talk Hookup, a southern California radio show that shares best practices in the industry, as well as fish reports.

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With so many fish in the sea, which fish rank as Captain Clower’s favorites? His favorite fish to catch and eat off the San Diego coast is the white sea bass, dorado, bluefin tuna, and yellowtail, in that order.

However, if he could be any fish in the world, Captain Clowers would like to be the mako shark. “They are so fast and watching them fly through the air is simply magical.”

That bluefin tuna will make a lot of sushi!

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