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With 2,276 miles of sparkling turquoise tidal shoreline and 800 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, it is no wonder why Florida is considered the “Fishing Capital of the World.” Florida has more world-record catches than any other state or country. In April 2019, a couple took a fishing trip out of Islamorada in South Florida and caught a record-breaking 757.8-pound swordfish.

One South Florida resident is making quite a splash in the social media world as a female angler. Darcie, better known by her social media persona Darcizzle, quit her desk job five years ago to become a full-time YouTuber teaching the world how to catch fish. Today, she has nearly 300,000 loyal subscribers.

Darcizzle captivates audiences with her zest for the sport of fishing, reeling viewers in with her energetic personality. Her YouTube videos take audiences on fishing adventures in the gorgeous blue waters of south Florida.

“My favorite place to fish is where they are biting! I am blessed to have grown up and fished in south Florida my entire life; a dream fishing location for many.  I have not fished many other places beyond the southeast US region, but do love the lower keys, Big Pine, and Cudjoe,” said Darcizzle.

The gulf stream that carries all the fish and warm water up the coast comes closer to land in southeast Florida than any other place in the country, which makes for great fishing.

Darcizzle with the Tarpon: a bony, strong-smelling fish

Darcizzle’s videos are fun and dynamic, which is probably why her audience keeps growing and her comments are so positive. In one video, Darcizzle is pulling a bull shark up out of the water at the end of a baited line . . . with her bare hands! In another video, she talks about how to survive a thunderstorm or tornado while fishing on the water.

For those learning to fish, Darcizzle has a series of how-to videos that demonstrate everything from how to throw a cast to how to clean and cook a bluefish. Are you adventuring out fishing but not sure how to tie a Uni Knot? Darcizzle has a step-by-step tutorial to teach her fishing protégés how to tackle that. She also does unboxing of products that includes a review, as she did for Eevelle’s Windstorm Boat Cover (see below).

Darcizzle says she learned to fish the same way most people do… from her father. As a third generation Miamian, Darcizzle grew up fishing out of Homestead and Biscayne Bay, as well as the upper Keys. Her dad was a major inspiration and mentor in her life, sharing his passion for fishing with Darcizzle and her four younger siblings. Sadly, her dad recently passed away after fighting a tough battle with cancer.

Left to right: Darcizzle’s dad and fishing inspiration, Tim; center, brother Connor;
right, Darcizzle

“My dad and his love for fishing is my inspiration to always do my best,” said Darcizzle.

South Florida is home to more than a thousand marine species, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In South Florida, anglers hook the redfish, snook, bonefish, and sailfish, to name a few.

Darcizzle’s favorite fish to catch is the mutton snapper because they hit so hard, fight so strong, and catching the big ones takes skill. Oh, and the mutton snapper is also quite delicious to eat, according to Darcizzle.

One of Darcizzle’s goals in the fishing industry is to teach women and kids all about fishing because it builds confidence and independence. “You do not have to have superior strength to be an angler. With the appropriate tools and techniques in place, men and women are on equal footing in fishing more than any other sport,” said Darcizzle. Darcizzle views fishing as a gateway that young ladies can use to build self-esteem at an early age and not fall into a stereotype that girls can’t do it.

Darcizzle Offshore has been producing two videos per week for five years. “My favorite videos are all the ones with my dad. He was a big part of the show and we fished together a lot. Having all those memories on video is incredible, particularly the ones where I put him on his first sailfish and tarpon in the Florida Keys,” said Darcizzle.

The Amberjack: firm large flaky fish with a sweet flavor

If you are wondering where the name Darcizzle came from, it is a nickname that goes back to high school days when Darcie broke the high school record for the fastest mile, a title she still holds to this day. From that day, her teammates called her “Cizzle” and from that, Darcizzle was born.

Darcizzle Loves Windstorm

Darcizzle has two boats She uses depending on where she is fishing. Offshore, she fishes on the Darcizzle Offshore Seadek Prolin with a 25-foot center console. For inshore fishing, she has the Darcizzle Inshore 21-foot Release. She loves the Eevelle Windstorm Boat Cover and the Wake Universal Console Cover for her 21-foot splash boat, which she featured on her YouTube channel.   

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