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The Forkshield Forklift Universal Canopy features a universal fit for all forklifts on the market, and has the versatility to be used as a canopy. This canopy is made from super clear 16 mil double polished vinyl material designed for complete protection from rain and snow. The Forkshield attaches easily with built-in bungee cords; simply wrap around the roof poles and attach to the back.


The invention of the forklift nearly a hundred years ago revolutionized how we work in automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and all in the industrial sector. It is difficult to imagine how the heavy lifting was done before the advent of the forklift, and how much harder it must have been to complete work efficiently. There are many different classifications, power sources, sizes, and new technologies in forklifts depending on the intended use. Whether used indoors or out, forklifts are a necessary tool in most warehouses and an integral part of many industries.

There are eight different forklift classifications:

Class I

Forklifts are electric-motor rider trucks, either stand-up operator or seated three-wheel units. Rider units are counterbalanced and may have cushion or pneumatic wheels.

Class II

Forklifts are electric-motor trucks for narrow aisle or inventory stock/order picking applications. They may have extra reach or swing-mast functions.

Class III

Forklifts are electric-motor trucks, either walk-behind or standing-rider operated. Automated pallet lift-trucks and high lift models are often counterbalanced.

Class IV

Forklifts are rider fork trucks, with cabs and seated controls, internal combustion engines, and solid or “cushion” tires.

Class V

Forklifts are rider fork trucks, with cabs and seated controls, internal combustion engines, and pneumatic tires. Like Class IV forklifts, they are typically counterbalanced.

Class VI

Forklifts are sit-down rider, tow tractor lifts. They are supplied with electric or internal combustion engines.

Class VII

Forklifts are designed for use on rough terrain. Typical applications include agriculture, logging and construction.

Class VIII

Forklifts include all personnel and burden carriers.

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