Our Philosophy

At Eevelle, we embrace an active lifestyle, which is why we are passionate about creating great outdoor gear that allows our customers to experience outdoors. Eevelle offers a wide range of gear for RVs, boats, golf carts, vehicles, patio, and forklifts so our customers can keep their outdoor equipment in top operating condition and looking pristine. Eevelle products are designed to allow you to uncover and go, so you spend less time preparing for your next adventure and more time enjoying life.

What Makes Us Different?

\ We Believe In The Lifestyle We Cover.

Our proprietary innovations

Eevelle starts with innovative designs to ensure products offer superior functionality and timeless style. Our Goldline and S2 RV covers come in 2-foot increment lengths versus the industry standard of 3 feet, which provides a more tailored fit. Greenline Golf Enclosures offer EZ store pockets to provide safe, secure storage for your cell phone and wallet during your golf game. These are just a few of the innovative design features we carefully build into our products. We spend time thinking about how a product should look and perform before we produce it, so you don’t have to.

Crafted Products Tailored for You

Each one of our customers is unique, and that’s why Eevelle creates collections that offer the broadest selection of sizes, styles, price points, and colors to match your lifestyle. Other suppliers only offer a few color selections, but we know that our customers appreciate a wide variety of color options to match their lifestyle. Windstorm Elite boat covers offer 16 color choices and Regent patio furniture covers offer over 24 color choices to ensure you find a color as unique as you.

Built To Last

Eevelle crafts gear that is designed to last. We create design elements for our products that are not visually obvious. UV rays are intensified by sand, sea, and clouds, creating adverse conditions for products exposed to those elements. We use the highest quality UV inhibitor on the fabrics for our products, and the result is more durable, long-lasting gear. Eevelle products are made with solution- dyed fabrics for vibrant, long-lasting color and durability. Solution-dyed is a process where color is added to the liquid state of the fiber so the color is inherently part of the yarn. This process is more expensive to produce, but it is important to ensure outdoor covers resist fading and will not stain.

At Eevelle, there are hundreds of quality additions to our products that make them a long-lasting investment.  We know the quality manufacturing that goes into Eevelle gear, which is why we are proud to stand behind our products with an industry leading warranty. Craftsmanship is how the design and materials come together to create quality products that are attractive and durable. This attention to craftsmanship is what sets Eevelle apart from its competitors. Eevelle is committed to offering our customers products that enhance their recreational and outdoor experiences. We offer exceptional value in every product category and back our products with an outstanding service support system designed to consistently exceed customer expectations. Since inception, Eevelle has upheld a commitment to quality and value that has earned us the reputation as a leader in the industries we serve.

In The Press

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